Tree Trimming

Trees and Power Lines Just Don’t Mix!

We all appreciate trees. Trees not only beautify homes and property, they can lower utility bills if correctly sited. But care must be taken with trees near power lines.

McDonough Power maintains thousands of miles of overhead high voltage electric lines. A majority of our power lines are within wooded areas, requiring some type of vegetation management. This consists of trimming, re-clearing, or both, to maintain safe, uninterrupted service to you and your neighbors.

Every year power outages and blinks are caused by storms and strong winds that bring trees or limbs in contact with lines. In a matter of seconds, power could be out for thousands of members. Restoring power is very expensive. Tree trimming is one of the most expensive maintenance programs McDonough Power conducts. It is important to allow us or our contracted firm, trim or even cut down trees near primary power lines and within easements if needed. If you have a tree that is near a power line that you want trimmed or cut down, call us to arrange a time for us to come out and see if we can assist you with the project. Do NOT attempt to trim trees yourself that are growing near distribution lines or your service line. Doing so can put you at risk of deadly shock.