Preparing for a Disaster

McDonough Power Cooperative members should prepare for the worst. Unfortunately, emergency outages do occur, sometimes for extended periods of time. Now is the time to prepare. We encourage you to review these safety measures and proactively follow these steps so you’re prepared in an emergency.

Create a Plan

It seems simple, but talking to your family or coworkers about what to do in specific emergency scenarios (tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, etc.) can accomplish a lot. Identify safe places to go, show everyone where to find flashlights and emergency supplies, and explain how to shut off utilities (water, electricity and gas).

Develop your own disaster preparedness plan

Compile a disaster preparedness kit

How to keep food safe during an emergency


If Bad Weather is Approaching

Follow these steps when a storm is forecasted, which could cause widespread outages:

– Locate your disaster preparedness kit

– Charge your cell phone(s)

– Make sure flashlights and emergency radios have fresh batteries

– Turn your refrigerator to its coldest setting and leave the door closed in case your power goes out

– Purchase necessary food items and additional medication if time allows

– Fill up your vehicle’s gas tank if time allows

– Stock up on cash and coins as ATMs may not be functional during extended outages

– Have extra diapers and formula on hand for infants

– For winter outages, establish an alternative heat source and stockpile fuel

– For summer outages, track down your nearest dry ice retailer

– Review the process for manually opening your electric garage door

– Turn off and unplug any unnecessary electrical devices