Operation Round-Up Program Provides Funds to Six Organizations

The Operation Round-Up committee approved funds to local organizations totaling $8,569 for the third quarter of 2016. Recipients include:

Bushnell ESDA – $1,569
(Emergency Services Disaster Agency)
Handheld Radio & 20 Reflective Traffic Cones
West Prairie Middle School – $500
Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Program
Central Warren Fire District – $2,100
Thermal Imaging Camera
West Prairie High School – $300
Do it RIGHT Program (PBIS Program)
Western Illinois Regional Council – $2,100
(Community Action Agency)
Food Pantry
Roseville Kids Place – $2,000
Playground Equipment

Six bucks isn’t a lot of money—it’s about what you would pay for a meal at a fast food restaurant. But $6 equals the average amount folks who support our Operation Round-Up program give every year, all through spare change.

Members—people like you who receive electricity from the co-op—have their bills automatically rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. Let’s say your bill is $82.90. It would be rounded up to $83, with a dime going to Operation Round-Up. The extra pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters then flow into a fund managed by a board of volunteer members that assists worthy local organizations who apply for the funds.

Sure, donating $6 over the course of a year may seem like a little thing. But if you put all of that money together—well, things start to get exciting. Roughly 88% of the McDonough Power membership is chipping in to support Operation Round-Up. Good thing, too, because the need has never been greater.

Since we launched Operation Round-Up in the latter part of 2015 we’ve given community groups and folks in need more than $20,600. That’s something we should all be proud of—your assistance is changing lives in our community.

If you’re one of the members who makes Operation Round-Up possible, thank you. If you haven’t heard about the program before and would like to make sure you’re participating, check your most recent bill – it’s a line item called Operation Round-Up. If you’ve previously opted out but would like to opt back in, call us at (309) 833-2101.  Together, we can use a little pocket change to change our community.

More details about Operation Round-Up can be found here.