Allocation Notices Hitting Mailboxes this Week – June 1, 2015

Capital Credits are one of the benefits of being a member of a non-profit cooperative like McDonough Power Cooperative. Basically, we take the money left over at the end of the year that would be profit in an investor-owned utility (IOU) and we divide it among the members according to how much electricity they purchased […]

McDonough Power Cooperative Cares – Operation Round Up

The McDonough Power Cooperative Board of Directors decided to launch a new program called Operation Round Up. Operation Round Up collects pennies, nickels and dimes from members of the co-op family to create a reliable source of funding for organizations that assist charitable, civic and educational programs in the communities we serve.  That’s right, we have the POWER to make a difference! […]

Powering Up Haiti

When you think about the opportunity of a lifetime, you probably do not think of traveling to a place where there is no electricity. A place where kids don’t attend school when it rains, a place where there is only one location to buy ice, or you may have to wait days to get gas […]

McDonough Power Cooperative hosts 77th annual meeting

  At McDonough Power Cooperative’s 77th annual meeting Thursday, Aug. 21, members heard about their newly remodeled headquarters, updates on the replacement of a substation and how their cooperative has been supporting the community. Members also re-elected board members David Lueck of Macomb, Jeffrey N. Moore of Good Hope and Steve Youngquist of Cameron. Chairman […]

Avoid electrical dangers during harvest season

After working in a field on a neighbor’s farm, Jim Flach parked his equipment and stepped out of the vehicle. Flach received a severe electric shock that ultimately resulted in his death a few months later. His equipment was unknowingly touching an overhead power line, and he became a path to ground for an electrical […]