2017 Tree & Brush Clearing

Several years ago, McDonough Power Cooperative initiated a significant vegetation management program to control vegetation under and around its electrical equipment.  This program includes cutting, trimming and spraying of vegetation that will interfere with electric service.  The program is on-going and necessary to deliver safe, low-cost and reliable electricity to your homes and businesses.  Since the inception of our program, the Cooperative has seen a considerable decrease in outages caused by trees and brush.

For the past few years McDonough Power Cooperative has contracted with our neighbor, Spoon River Electric Cooperative (SREC) to clear overgrown areas and spray sections previously cleared of vegetation to prevent re-growth.  SREC personnel are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and are experienced in all aspects of tree pruning and herbicide application. Please refer to www.mcdonoughpower.com for Material Safety Data Sheets concerning the herbicides that are to be used.

Where tree removal (clearing) is desired or necessary to protect your lines, the entire tree will be taken down and cut up for your disposal.  In clearing right-of-way, machines will be used to shred brush and larger logs will left along the tree line.  During tree pruning in accessible locations, tree branches will be chipped and larger wood will be cut into logs and left for your disposal.  All tree pruning will be done in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 (part 11-2001) pruning standards.  Right-of-way clearance is 15’ on each side of the power line.

The 2017 right-of-way work plan is as scheduled:

  • Herbicide Spray begins – late July/early August 2017
  • Clearing begins – immediately after spray is complete

If you have questions or concerns regarding specific trees on your property please contact McDonough Power at (309) 833-2101. For more details on the chemicals being used, click here.